2017 wass the year were my efforts have begun to feel like they're paying off on a consistent basis. 16 years of effort in the same industry, that is. I'm not one of these whiz kids that had the magic swag and an old soul in their teens and early twenties. Our culture loves that story but most of us aren't that. That's one-in-a-million. What I am is the one out of every maybe ten thousand that refused to quit year after year after year that I still hadn't "made it."

It would've been nice to figure it out sooner, but I had to climb the ladder out of the darkness of my own mind before I could gain traction climbing the ladder of the industry. That's just part of my story that I'm here to share. We all have a story to share that if we do so authentically we can help others on their paths.

I'm here to show you that overcoming depression and mental illness is possible and needed by way more people than our society cares to admit. I'm here to show you that never giving up pays off and it's not too late for you even if you haven't started yet (but today remains your best opportunity). I'm here to show you your excuses are bullshit so either get to making your dreams happen or sit back and support those of us who do.