Results of another life "experiment" (I'm not using the scientific method, just trying things and seeing how they feel):
For the past 6 months I went from eating meat 1 meal a day to 2-3 servings a week. I thought the difference was negligible, until I tried eating meat everyday again. . . here's what went down
-my energy slowly deteriorated over the months of reduced meat. I thought I was getting old and reduced the number of days per week I worked out because I was dead tired all the time. It was hard to see in the moment but now I see that energy struggle lead to compromised focus and mood. I was sick twice in that period and hadn't been sick since fall 2015.
-since reintroducing more meat (beef) my energy is back, I'm going harder than ever in the gym and recovering faster. I instantly feel younger. My skin is looking the best it's looked since this winter hit. My muscles feel like they're made of stone and my physique is tighter and bigger. I feel like a beast. 
-I'm eating cuts of beef baked or grilled with light seasoning. No sauce, no bread, no fried foods on the side. I eat a reasonable sized portion with a plate full of broccoli. It's just not the same health risks as including meat in a diet heavy in grains, sugar and dairy.
-You can definitely argue that my near-veganism would've gone better if I supplemented what I was missing from the correct foods through plant sources and supplements. But that's complicated, that's not what I'm looking for. I want to feel good with the least amount of effort and I take zero supplements other than fish oil (because I won't touch seafood).
-I don't like the environmental impact of eating meat, which is why I tried slowing down. But the way I feel now, I hope to eat more and higher quality meat in the future when I can focus more financial resources that way. 
-There's just no way I'm going to be convinced that our bodies aren't meant to eat meat. The effects I described above, the bodily stimulation of the look, smell and taste of meat that is so innately satisfying and the satiation of having it in your stomach.