I haven’t been depressed or anxious in two full months. I was on the verge of a nervous freak out yesterday before doing my taxes, but I recovered quickly. That’s what made me want to talk about it - if I can walk away cheerful from tax day, I’m truly onto something. That and I’ve been noticing the past few weeks how sharp my brain is!

I didn’t know what it was at first but I’ve decided that it must be brainpower that I’ve gained back from not wasting energy on worry and paranoia. I’ve never been more sharp, focused, observant, creative. I’ve never been less addicted and compulsive and I’m dropping several bad habits at once with ease.

I’m smart! I got good grades in school and people have told me I’m smart before, but knowing all the distraction inside my head kept me from ever feeling that way. A head full of blockage. Now I’m not some Elon Musk type over here, but lately I recognize intelligent thought in my brain that’s got room to thrive. I’m excited to see where how it grows as I continue this streak.

Depression is poison to your brain, life and the world around you. If you deal with this, please seek help. We need the ideas in your mind to flourish and be shared. We need you spreading positive energy. I’m not an expert or a professional but feel free to message me if you want suggestions on what’s working for me. I’ve been actively waging the war to reclaim my mind for 12 years and I’m finally winning a majority of the battles. I forced myself to learn from scratch instead of using resources that are out there. You could get ahead of this much faster! If you’re in an especially dark place please communicate with your family and get professional help. Let’s all beat this together!