An encapsulation of my musical journey to date. From listening to “I Had the Time of My Life” on repeat on cassette to going to my first incubus concert and getting my first guitar. Discovering Bone Thugs, Tupac and Dre through my older cousins and friends’ older siblings. From mixing Rock and Funk in the basement to combining Pop/Soul/Funk on stage as a singer and bandleader. Jazz Studies and studio engineering in college. Resting my vocals while collaborating with choreographers and becoming a producer. Moving to Chicago in 2012 and beginning to work with the vocalists on this track ProbCause & The Palmer Squares . Term especially caught my vibe with his singing here on “Paralyzed.” Last year I reengaged as a singer starting The Belief Cycle which showcases a sound like this on every track (tries to at least). I also began singing with a wedding band, which is the only reason I’ve come to own the clothes worn in this video. It feels like every part of me is in this piece of art and so are the parts of many others, through their direct involvement or their presence in me. Now that it’s out in the world, I feel like a blank canvas. I hope I can use it to make a lot more music like this and I hope you’ll be there to share it with.