Available now:   https://lnk.bio/a/x2fp

Available now:  https://lnk.bio/a/x2fp

A monumentous day for my Chicago squad. This project began what feels like a lifetime ago, with the first notes being captured May 2015. I think it’s fair to say it began two lifetimes ago, in 2012, when I began to work with ProbCause who soon introduced me to his frequent collaborators The Palmer Squares. I arrived in Chicago that year with no connections and less than a handful of relationships. “Junkyard Samurai” embodies for me a life that grew from that seed, nurished through music. It’s features my top 4 most frequent vocal collaborators over an array of my production that showcases what I’ve learned since I landed on Plymouth Rock. And I made sure to get some contribution from my family in the old country, STL, in Charlie Cerpa’s sax and Nick Savage’s drums. JS is the final exam to my master’s degree (“master” really should be the title for the highest degree, shouldn’t it? Anyway…). Now my doctorate studies begin.