I’m feeling pretty great about life these days. Not for the stereotypical reasons our culture tells us we should be happy. I’m not currently what society would call living a “stable” or “successful” life. I’ve actually been much more those things in the past with lower results in happiness.

Why do I feel so good? I was thinking about it today. I decided it’s a balance of two ingredients: peace and discomfort. They seem mutually exclusive but in what I’m experiencing, they feed each other. I’ve spent a lot of the past too far in either direction. Too much discomfort, is a life of pain. Too much peace is also dangerous as it creates a (temporary) contentment that has made me lazy before. 

The balance comes from learning that discomfort is the spark of growth. Growing brings me peace, even if the catalyst of that growth is painful. I also have daily practices in place (see this previous post) that keep me peaceful and stress-free despite spending plenty of time outside of my comfort zone. I’m working to spend more time uncomfortable. That’s where the growth is. Therefore, that’s where the peace is. Peace in doing a good job, peace in progress. Peace in process (see my post "Love The Process" ).