I call it "The Recoil." It's a form of self-doubt. Instead of the crippling doubt that keeps you from starting, it's the doubt that shows up to mess with you when you've been doing the thing. You've been putting in the work, pushing through fear and discomfort, staying consistent and believing in the mission for weeks without incident.

But one day you question yourself. Sometimes so severely that it threatens to halt everything you've been working towards. You want to quit. Last week I recoiled over my social media presence. In a commitment to put myself out there I've been ramping up my amount of daily social content. It's been going well. But last week the doubt hit me hard. I scaled back to bare minimum content. Last Tuesday's blog post was short, I didn't want to do it. My new vlog series which started out at an every other day frequency came to an almost complete halt last week. I haven't committed to a release schedule yet for my vlogs like I have for this blog, so I copped out since I haven't obligated myself. 

It's a new week and I'm back. I let doubt get the best of me,  BUT I did one thing that was the saving grace during this slip up - I didn't stop creating the content. I did slow my role on releasing it, but I still shot vlog footage. I still wrote songs daily. Now that I've recovered from vulnerability overload, I've got the content ready to resume at full tilt. This is my suggestion to you when you experience The Recoil (which I think we all will when putting ourselves out there) - keep doing the work. Give yourself a few days to recover from the wear and tear of building an audience but keep the work coming.  

May your next recoil be brief!