I've already had and lost everything I'd ever wanted (I had small aspirations). When I faced the empty space that was my life, for once I saw the potential. The emptiness was limitless but that meant there was limitless room to occupy it with whatever I liked. I began to see my life up to that point had been assembled through happenstance, not design.

Tim Ferriss coined the term "lifestyle design" in his best-selling book "The 4-Hour Workweek." Such a simple idea, yet a life-changing concept. We live in such freedom and abundance that it's a shame many of us don't use it to design our own lives. Yes we may get the job, house, spouse of our dreams but how many of us are spending the majority of our time exactly how we'd like? We should decide how we want to spend our days and build a life around that. How many of us get a job that wasn't even our first choice then build our life around that?

For the past year I've been discovering my design for the perfect day. In 2017, I'm restructuring my life around that. I've got nothing to lose. I understand if the stakes are dug in deeper in your life. Whoever you are and what your situation is, I hope you'll take some time to at least fantasize about how you would design your life if you could do whatever you wanted with it. You may find some of your ideas are more achievable than you'd expect.

Design your life! I'll keep you updated on how my design is playing out.