The sequel to my previous post The Third Day

In the past couple weeks I've messed up with my productivity level and my diet. I've still accomplished a lot but not to my typical level and not on par with the size of my goals. I've still worked out everyday but my diet has been a shit show. 

I fell off.

We all do sometimes. And it's time for me to get back on.

Maybe there are some super humans and robots out there, but I think most of us slip up. On our diets, our work, our addictions. . . How do we get back with the program? I've fallen off the wagon plenty of times, but I never make a life out of it, I always come back. Here are some ideas on getting back on when you've messed up your goals.

-Don't mess up more than 2 days in a row. Day One is mistake, Day Two is a problem, Day Three is a lifestyle.

-Don't beat yourself up. You don't want to be so soft on yourself that you have no self discipline, but you also don't want to be so hard on yourself that you're mentally tortured. Be tough on yourself but acknowledge that you're human and have compassion for inevitable mistakes.

-Have a buddy that can encourage you to do better. Possibly also someone that can administer a healthy level of tough love.

-Remember why you started pursuing your goal in the first place. Visualize what got you started and visualize what it will be like to achieve your goal.

-Recognize the cravings that try to pull you further and further from your goal. They get intensified when you slip up, remind yourself of that and prepare to face their heightened levels. 

-If you're trying to stop a bad habit, replace it with a better one. You can redirect that habit into something more aligned with your goals. 

Don't let weeks, months or years pass not going for the goal because you've made a mistake. Hopefully you've found something here that will help you get back up faster next time you fall.