"What? You told me this was a positive blog." It is, stick with me. I want to share with you what I think may be a unique perspective on nihilism. Along with my many positive beliefs in life I also believe that life is meaningless. I actually consider that amongst my most positive beliefs.

We are each a grain of sand on an infinite beach. Probably more like a particle 1/1,000,000 of the size of a grain of sand on an infinite beach. Will history miss us? Even those of us that make a significant impact on human history will not be missed for human history has little place in the infinite timeline. We can try and imprint ourselves with Religious meaning or tell ourselves that fame makes us immortal but the truth remains - life is meaningless.

Feeling depressed? Please don't! Here's where I put the positive perspective on it. I do believe that life is meaningless. But here's where the beauty of humanity comes into play. Through some happenstance of the universe or maybe the benevolence of a god, we have reason. With that reason we can ascribe meaning to anything we want. Living an inherently meaningless life with our cognitive powers allows us to create whatever purpose for our lives that we want.

Why create purpose when life is meaningless? Because whether it's all bullshit or not, our consciousness is all we know. Our entire life experience is filtered through it and we walk amongst billions of other humans having the same experience. Regardless of the cosmic insignificance we face, we have each other to face it with. At least I choose to have connection to others as part of my purpose. 

We each have our own unique consciousness that desires unique experiences from life. Let no Earthly consequences hold you back from creating and executing a purpose that brings your consciousness fulfillment. That's the great power each human holds.