I'm becoming more comfortable with dramatic change than I am upholding the status quo of my life. 

Hindsight reveals the beauty and growth in my life are developments of big change (which involves temporary pain and stress) while constant pain and stress have been the result of fighting to hold onto a comfortable norm. We can commit to facing the temporary pains of change or we can commit to the constantly bubbling pain of avoiding change. We face pain either way, we may as well use pain as a vehicle to take us onto our next adventure. 

The Change Manifesto by Adriane de Bonvosin
-change is a good thing
-change is a part of life and happens to everyone
-change is an opportunity for me to grow
-change always means that something good is around the corner
-change brings seeds of new beginnings and different ways of living life
-change brings new people, new opportunities, and new perspectives
-change reminds me that I am not in control of many things that happen and reminds me to let go and surrender a little more to life
-change helps me strengthen my change muscle- my self-reliance, inner fortitude, and inner faith that I can handle anything
-change allows me to learn and understand something new
-change reveals another aspect of my personality
-change is never a punishment; it is always an opportunity to connect with what's inside me
-change allows me to choose how I want to react to something that has happened - by accepting or resisting it
-change helps me find my higher self - the part of me that is always there, that doesn't change. Life's unpredictability becomes inifinitely easier when I connect with that part of myself
-change wants me to acknowledge it, understand it, embrace it, and then integrate it into my life and identity
-change is always  on my side. It exists to serve me, teach lessons and help me embrace life's mysteries