Accept that by disconnecting from that which doesn’t inspire you will make room for that which does.

It’s easy to fall into scarcity. Our culture promotes it. Our friends and families reenforce it. The idea that we should be thankful for what we have (we should) and hold onto all of it (maybe we shouldn’t). Whether it be physical belongings, relationships, or habits, we must clear space from the unimportant to make more room for the important. Even when the important isn’t currently clear. Knowing what belongings, relationships and habits aren’t important puts us further on the path to opening up what is important.

This process can be liberating. It can be painful. It can be clumsy. 

It can be all of the above. 

Leave behind scarcity thinking and embrace abundance. There’s enough to go around. You’re not in this life fighting for your finite love and resources. The opportunities for more, for new are abundant. Make room for them, become the you that already has them and prepare for them to enter your life.