People are getting too obsessed about their vote in the upcoming dog-and-pony show election and not obsessed enough with the votes they cast daily. The government of the USA is not the USA. WE are the United States of America. Morality and culture cannot be legislated. No candidate is going to save us or doom us. What this country needs is more of us casting our DAILY votes in the right direction. Here are just some of the many things we yay or nay everyday:

Will I be a better version of myself today?
Will I commit to cultivating a good vibe for others regardless of my current inner feelings?
Will I take care of my health so that I can approach the day with better clarity and awareness?
Will I go to my job or class and give it my full capacity of passion, inspiration and skill?
Will I brush off dwelling thoughts of the past or future so that I can be better engaged in life right now?
Will I speak only positivity into the world?
Will I avoid assumption about and judgment of others?
Will I approach life with gratitude?
Will I ignore gossip and make efforts to not speak it myself?
Will I look strangers in the eye, smile and say "good morning"?
Will I be kind in situations that I don't need to be?
Will I take responsibility for my shortcomings instead of blaming the outside world?
Will I help someone for no reason?

I could go on. Voting "yes" on these types of issues daily I guarantee will have a more profound effect on your life and the ailing cultural climate of this country than your vote for president.