Don't limit yourself! There's no excuse to not be doing what you want to do with your time. Here are some things I've accomplished in the last two months by accepting that I'm limitless:
-Started a new band, The Belief Cycle. Developed the aesthetic, wrote 10 new songs, narrowed it down to an EP of the best 4 and we have that at least halfway recorded. Best music I've ever been a part of! So excited to share it!!
-Produced and engineered enough music for other artists to pay my bills.
-Worked heavily on an album I'm producing for free because I decided to pick one young artist per year to support with an album of free work.
-Practiced my drum pad skills regularly.
-Worked with a vocal coach to exercise and improve my voice.
-Slept an average of 8 hours a night.
-Read daily, finishing at least one book a week.
-Worked out 6 days a week. 
-Took a walk 30-90 minutes per day.
-Put on several pounds of bulk, decided I prefer the look and diet of being lean and lost the new weight. 
-Mentored a teenage boy every other Sunday.
-Prepared my own meals 6 days a week.
-Fasted until 5PM daily.
-Meditated for 20 minutes a day.
-Played Batman video games.
-Watched many hours of YouTube on the subject of self development. Also some videos on Batman.
-Went out dancing and socializing with strangers with my friend Jon on Saturday nights.
-Drank no alcohol.
-Wrote journal entries, some of which I shared publicly on Facebook.
-Entertained nearly zero thoughts of the past and stayed in the now.
-Removed indecision from small choices and increased my speed and confidence in making big ones.
-Corrected an issue I was having with getting out of bed when the alarm goes off. (Start moving your legs as soon as you open your eyes, it convinces your brain that you're already up.)
-Reigned in a relapse of my addiction to sugar and binge eating.
-Successfully fought off a potential depressive episode.
-Made mistakes along the way that only made me more dedicated to my path.

This might sound like bragging. (If it does, why'd you read this far?) That's not my intention. I've simply become obsessed with human potential and want to spread the word of what's possible for all of us. This is my gospel.