Feel Good Music

Most known for his feel good production sound, Drew Mantia is a multi-faceted Midwestern producer, songwriter, instrumentalist and singer. Beginning as a St. Louis based singer/songwriter, Drew has transformed through new phases in new cities. A move to Kansas City sparked a new interest in Rap production as well as collaboration with choreographers creating music for Modern Dance performances. One dance collaboration, "Deliberation," became a surprise hit on YouTube. Drew soon relocated to Chicago in 2012, quickly becoming the go-to producer and engineer for rap outfits ProbCause, The Palmer Squares and Stank Face Records. His work with those artists lead to more collaboration within the Chicago Hip Hop scene, including artists like Chance the Rapper ("LSD" with ProbCause), Saba, and Psalm One. In 2015 Drew released an album on Stank Face Records, "Feel Good Music," showcasing his production with a cast of frequent collaborators on vocals. In 2016, Drew made his return to singer/songwriter forming a Dance Pop duo, The Belief Cycle, with longtime friend Ryan Marquez. Still finding success in beats production and pursuing his passion project The Belief Cycle, Drew continues to also produce records and perform in an array of genres, especially enjoying Pop, Dance, R&B, and Jazz.

The Mission

β€œTo connect with people through Music and spread to them positivity & hope, because that's what Music has done for me.”