I'm not everyone's type of person. Not most people's type maybe. That outsider feeling has been the biggest source of deep pain in my life and I've felt it for the majority of my time here. Not anymore. I've been free of it for about a year and I'll never go back. For the first time in my life everything I do with my time is 100% authentic to me.

That means for you that I might ask you to listen to my new music and come to my shows. That ask might annoy you. You may prefer rap music that I produce or music that I've made in the past over the The Belief Cycle, my new band. I may use curse words online or in situations you're not comfortable with. I may wear shirts less often than you're comfortable with. Maybe you think the inspirational memes and blogs I post are lame.

If these types of things offend you, you can leave. My online presence and/or my actual life. It doesn't matter if we're blood, old friends, colleagues, whatever. I'm not going to be anything but me and if me doesn't work for you, bye and thanks for the time we spent together in any capacity. And if someday you decide maybe I'm not so bad, I welcome you back into my life without judgement or resentment. I've got plenty of love surrounding me and my capacity to give love is growing everyday. Take part in that when you feel like it, leave when you don't and return with no shame if you change your mind.