Our first 2,000 plays on our first song release! We've got further to go, I know it. Let's take it to the millions. I'm overjoyed with the number of people that have reached out to let me know the message was received and meant something to them.

From these humble beginnings we're going to build a network of the like-minded and show people that power isn't in what our culture promotes - status, money, consumption, politics, emotionless grind. True power is accepting the vulnerability of sharing all of your authentic self- your joy, your pain and your love with the world. Power to the people. True power.

“Celebrate” is a solid synopsis of The Belief Cycle sound and specifically celebrates the return to my most authentic musical roots and my triumph over the anxiety, depression and distractions that had led to me putting down my singer songwriter ambitions for years. I hope The Belief Cycle can spread good vibes into the world and inspire listeners to break through their own personal roadblocks to pursue their dreams.