Saba is one of of my favorite vocalists. He packs a lot of emotion into his lyrics and delivery and his flows are wild, fun and sometimes even challenging for me to follow. I also respect him as a producer and musician, he's unique on both the vocal front and instrumentally. He's like dangerously skilled.

I was first introduced to Saba in 2013 by The Palmer Squares who had just met him at SXSW. They checked out his mixtape "GETCOMFORTable" and were like "this is our favorite Chicago rapper." Soon I was in the studio recording and mixing a Palmer Squares song "Own Two" featuring Saba. Time passed, "Comfort Zone" came out and really grabbed my attention. I've played that project a lot and I started going to more of his shows in that era. 

One day ProbCause brought Saba into a session to collab. We played him beats we had been working on for Prob's "Drifters" project and when I put on what became the song "MIA," Saba said "I wanna rap on that." At the end of the day I said "I know you're working on your next project, I gotta get a song on there." He was willing to try and "Down" was born. Seeing the tracklist of "Bucket List Project" now, it's all him and his homies on production so I understand my lack of inclusion. I thought this track was too good to not get out there even if it didn't make his album cut, so here we are. Enjoy!