Drew Mantia is a multi-genre musician & producer who made his name handling production for "LSD" by ProbCause & Chance The Rapper and "Chicago Style" with ProbCause & Twista. Pulling from a bevy of inflections and influences Mantia creates music that is informed by styles of the past while at once becoming something new that is easily identified in contemporary music circles.

 "As an engineer, I create a laid-back comforting atmosphere while I capture sounds that are high-quality and catered to the artist’s goals. If it fits the artist and the material, I try to utilize unique approaches that fit into the context of modern recordings while sticking out amongst the crowd.  

    As a producer, I typically work one-on-one with vocalists. A multi-instrumentalist on guitar, bass, keyboards, and anything you can program with a synth, I function as a one-man-band supporting vocalists’ ideas instrumentally. I also call in the help of studio musicians when needed. Starting with the piano/vocal demos of a singer/songwriter, the lyrics of an emcee, or something spontaneous, I create fleshed out song arrangements. I also work with bands, helping them pick and arrange material for the studio and guiding them through the studio process to their goals."